Plastic male and female hex spacer
Hex spacer with a male thread pole and female thread hole , black plastic material 




1. Perfect  insulation

Nylon material is good inslated and without any electric conduction.


2. Abbration of flame

Flame class of the nylon is 94V-2


3. Light for weight

The density of nylon is only 1.15g/cm3


4. Anti-rust

No any rust even in the damp circumstance .


Nylon material is widely used for verious fileds as outstanding performance and best cost , and there are several kind models under the nylon material .



High fatigue strength and rigidity , good heat resistance , low friction factor, abrasion resistant, but weak in hygroscopicity . which is used for moderate load requirement and working temperate less than 120 degree .


2. PA6

It is inferior for PA66 on fatigue strength and rigidity , but is more good on flexibility and reduce noise and weakning . which is used for light load requirment and 80-100 degree working temperature .


3. PA610

It is inferior for PA66 on fatigue strength and rigidity but good hygroscopicity and abrasion resistant . which is used for precise equipment and the pieces where with large change for the temperature .


4. PA1010

It is not good than PA610 in hygroscopicity but easy to process and perfect abrasion resistant . which is used for where moderate tmeperature with various changes of moisture and less or no lubrication .



It is superior for PA66 and PA610 on fatigue strength and rigidity and heat resistance , but is inferior for PA66 or PA610 on hygroscopicity , which can be used directly for casting to be formed and with large load requirement .

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